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African Blackwood & CITES

On January 2 the African Blackwood tree was added to the protected species list of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. This means that all trade in the wood, from the tree dalbergia melanoxylon, will be controlled and certified at a cost to the grower and the importer.

For a more complete story please read here;


So, how will this affect you?

As each delivery requires a certificate, costing around $120.00, then the extra cost will be split between the Blackwood items of the import.  The price increase depends on the number of items imported per shipment.

Bottom line is that it will cost more but not as much as importing single items, either from overseas supplier or rush order.

I realise this could be confusing but will be easier as the dealers will, or should, just add to the item prices once assessed. Taking instruments abroad then returning is a different story and advice should be taken some time before departing from Customs.

Happy New Year,

David Ramsay




Some Highland Gatherings in Victoria


11th February - Scots Day Out Bendigo-Rosalind Park




19th March - Geelong Highland Gathering & Victorian Pipe Band Championships- Goldsworthy Reserve Little Athletics Track, Goldsworthy Road Corio (Geelong)








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