McCallum Bagpipes AB2 Deluxe Model of Highland Bagpipes

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McCallum Bagpipes AB2DL

African Blackwood Model 2 - Deluxe

The Best of Fittings Supplied With Every Set

Custom Fitted to Your Requests

Latest McCallum Mark 3 Plastic Pipe Chanter.

Chesney Warnock Pipe Chanter Reed - the Champion's Choice!

 Canmore Zipped Synthetic Pipe Bag in Your Choice of Size.
Velveteen Bag Cover with swan-neck, long zip & Velcro fastening.

 Silk Pipe Cords .
Your Choice of Ezeedrone or MG Reeds.


African Blackwood Fully Combed & Beaded Imitation ivory projecting mounts, beaded alloy ferrules, and alloy slides and ringcaps. Plus an imitation ivory and alloy mouthpiece with McCallum plastic pipe chanter.

10 year, no quibble guarantee.



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