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On Home Ground

Two live albums from the previous four-time World Champions, under the direction of Pipe Major Terry Lee. 

Recorded at The Simon Fraser University Theatre, BC, Canada, and celebrating the Band's 40th Anniversary.

In 2004 the SFU Drum Corps won the World Drumming title for the second time - the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band is recognised as one of the best live concert pipe bands in the world.


Simon Fraser University "On Home Ground" Vol. 2

1) The Streaker - The Gorge - Off Duty
2) The Kitchenmaid - Jim Bell's Fiasco - Drew James McIntosh - The Snuff Wife -The Kitchenmaid
3) MacNeil's Farewell to Barra
4) Solo - Alan Bevan: Highland Whisky - Helen Young - Pigtown - The Merry Sisters of Fate - Les Vielles Botines
5) Worldwide Hornpipes: Pompous Trousers - Farewell to Erin - The Scotsaire Hornpipe
6) Solo - Stuart Liddell: The Soft Horse Reel - Kitty Magee - The Congress Jig - The Clumsy Lover
7) Dusty Miller - Trad.Irish Reel - Diego's Blackout - Finbarr Saunders - Drops of Brandy - Dusty Miller Reprise
8) Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon - Ellenorr - Alexander MacKenzie Clark
9) The Hourglass Suite
10) Boney Music: Excerpt from Jedaya - Tribute to the Tartan Terrors - Erasing the Doubt
11) 420 Byng Street
12) Classic Hornpippes: Duncan Johnstone - John MacKenzie's Fancy
13) Emancipation
14) The Mason's Apron
15) Cape Breton Fiddlers: I Will Go Home to Kintail - Craig-a-Bodich - Stirling Castle - The Brolum - The High Road to Linton - The Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland


Simon Fraser University "On Home Ground" Vol. 1
1. The Rainbow: (The Rainbow / Ian Green of Greentrax / Rachel's Hornpipe
2. Pay The Piper: (Pay The Piper / Jean's Fancy / The Fuddler / Thornton Jig / Angus John MacNeil of Barra / The Calrossie Cattle Wife)
3. Medley: (Father Michael MacDonald's Silver Jubilee / Emancipation / Air in B Minor / Jane Campbell / The Fiddler / Short-Coated Mary / Reprise in B Minor / Dr MacPhail's Reel)
4. Canon: (Pachelbel's Canon in D)

5. Solo: Jack Lee: (The New Big D / Lee Family Christmas / Good Drying)
6. The International Connection: (Drum Fanfare)
7. March Evolution: (Carradale Bay / The Toronto Scottish Regiment / The Centenary Jewel)
8. Classic Strathspeys and Reels: (Monymusk / Sleepy Maggie / Johnnie MacDonald's Reel / The Smith of Chilliechassie)
9. Solo: Jori Chisholm: (Mockingbird Hill / Little Cascade Jig / The Hawk)
10. Duet - Bevan & Liddell: (Tripping Up the Stairs / The Blue Lagoon / Coolfin / Harris Dance / Sandy MacIntyre's Reel / McFadden's / Sheepwife
11. Keel Row Set: (The Keel Row / The Keel Row Reel / The Keel Row Waltz / Traditional Waltz / Traditional / Thompson's Dirk)
12. Worldwide Jigs: (Mary Kelly's / Pasucais de Caoña)
13. Humours of Tulla: (Humours of Tulla / The Old Man of Barra / The Four Courts / Humours of Tulla)
14. The Music Man
15. Fiddlers' Rally: (The Braes of Melinish / The Fiddlers' Rally)


Down Under 


1.  The Blue Cloud
2.   6/8 Marches
3.   Hold On
4.   Piobaireachd
5.   SFU retrospective
6.   Medley
7.   Air and Jigs
8.   Traditional Set
9.   Drum Fanfare
10. Hot Hands
11. For Tom
12. Waltzing Matilda
13. Waltzes
14. Big Jigs



    Live at Carnegie Hall
1.The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre 
2. Miss Drummond of Perth 
4. Balmoral Castle 
5. Lt. Colonel D.J.S. Murray 
6. Drum Major John Seton 
7.Dolina MacKay 
8.Captain Geddes' Turnabout
9.Paddy Be Easy 
10.The Herring Wife 
11. The Set
12. Jimmy Young 
13. Inveraray Castle 
14. The Little Cascade
15.Amazing Grace 
16. Miss Jeanette


Alive in America
The World Champions first full concert in Boston featuring not only the impressive medley sets from the whole band but World class solo pipers including Jack Lee.


Legacy (Video)
On the road to Carnegie Hall & Beyond. Go behind the scenes to learn about the SFU Pipe band's history of triumph and defeat. Follow the band through a season of competitions and concerts, including footage of their World Pipe Band Championship wins and historic concert at Carnegie Hall.


This is the recording made on the Wednesday before the band captured its 6th World Pipe Band Championship and 4th World Drum Corps Championship! Recorded live in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall, it features the SFU Pipe Band in stunning form.

CD only $25.00


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